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   We are the first cattery in Estonia, who breed British cats with variety Silver Shaded and Chinchilla.

Officially cattery is registered on 7-th June 2004 in FIFe, but we began to delight by the society of our adorable silver cats in September 2003.

The purpose of our cattery is breeding of cats with the excellent type, color and health, also with perfect behaviour of British Shorthair cats. 

Breeding the cats of silvery colors is sufficiently complicated because of small quantity of these cats with rare color and it is extremely difficult to find the cats for breeding with the excellent breed quality and pedigree for cattery. But nevertheless we decided to make our contribution in breeding of these fascinating green-eyed cats in the polar fox sheats, since we are completely charmed by their beauty and we want for other people they could have the small silver happiness at their homes and could be proud.

Now we can be proud too - our kittens have successfull career and some of them are the winners at the cat shows.

Our kittens may leave us with 12 weeks, completely vaccinated, with Euro Pet Passport, chipped, dewormed, with contract, pedigree and transfer.

The kittens from our cattery are living in Luxemburg, Netherlands , Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Bulgaria,  Russia, Ukraine and of course, in Estonia.




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